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New Zealand’s produce link to the world

With over 20 years in the industry, Primor has developed a team of specialists who have acquired the expert knowledge and skill necessary to market a range of New Zealand produce both domestically and overseas. Primor is also actively involved in the import and distribution of produce grown overseas and marketed to New Zealand customers.

Serving the produce world since 1988

Primor Produce Ltd. was established in 1988 having identified an opportunity and a belief that it could provide a more effective connection between growers and their markets. Realising that the talents of horticulturalists are best used for horticulture, we made it our business to build an operation that helped growers with the marketing, sales and administrative side of their enterprise.


Great service built on reliable systems

Distributing and exporting perishable produce is a relentless task that requires constant attention to market information, time constraints and logistical factors. Over time we have formulated planning and handling systems that leave nothing to chance.

Our extensive network of contacts, both in New Zealand and overseas, keeps us in touch with market opportunities. Sophisticated information systems provide us with the daily information we need to make wise decisions that will benefit both our suppliers and our customers. Carefully maintained partnerships allow us to deliver on our promises - whether we're talking about a case of oranges for an Auckland retailer or hundreds of pallets of New Zealand avocados destined for California.

Primor from the growers' point of view

First and foremost, fruit quality is considered paramount at Primor. We take pride in procuring product from the very best growers. In return for produce of the highest quality, we offer growers the stability and service levels they need to be able to focus on their work. We also offer them the reassurance that their carefully nurtured crop will arrive on the plates of the consumers in premium condition.

Every carton we market can be traced to its source

Food Safety issues are at the forefront of consumers' minds worldwide. Primor is proactive in developing food safety programs that incorporate packing and storage procedures. We have a traceability system that makes it possible to track the path of every carton of produce we export, all the way back to the grower.

Company history

Excellent credentials and a solid reputation

The three directors who founded Primor Produce Ltd in 1988 remain with the company today. John Long, Michael Kember and John Carroll have since been joined by a team of twenty people to create an excellent resource of distribution and marketing intelligence in New Zealand's produce industry. In addition to being a director of Primor, John Carroll is a director of the Avocado Industry Council.

Primor partners

Primor strives to build solid and dependable relationships with a number of different top produce companies here in New Zealand as well as around the world. Please contact us to learn more about these and other partners we deal with.

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