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Avocado local markets

As industry leaders, we believe we have the vision and practical expertise to be able to handle New Zealand's increasing avocado production. Primor work in close partnership with New Zealand's leading packers, allowing us to offer our trading partners a significant competitive advantage. Premium product, delivered at the right time, means strong returns to growers and it starts right here in our own back yard.

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A growing market

Avocados have been a growing category for Primor in the NZ domestic market over many years. Yet in reality, too often the domestic market has been ignored as the Export Industry has developed. Yes that has been essential and Primor has been very much part of that success story; but domestically we can do better, and employ lessons we have learnt overseas for our home market.

Ripe programmes:

Without any show of a doubt, the catalyst for the spectacular worldwide growth in avocado consumption has been the offering of ripe fruit, ready to eat. Who buys their bananas green? Primor is currently involved in developing a major ripe programme with New Zealand's largest chain group, and expectations are high for a real boost to sales and consumption. More than this, success in this has the ability to lift value for the whole market here in New Zealand. At the same time, we also must channel supply to feed this programme, which may change the traditional way avocados are sold within the country.

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