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As with many markets, the citrus category forms an important part of New Zealand produce sales, especially in the winter months. The rich source of vitamin C, coupled with less availability of fruit alternatives, makes this an important category. A consistent supply of quality product is a must for retailers, and Primor has become well known for our programmes.

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We began our association with Vitor prior to the creation of Primor itself. From day one, Vitor has offered us support and believed in our vision for the New Zealand market. Vitor’s catchphrase is "Australia's Best", and indeed that is what it is. Based in South Australia and with citrus farms and packing operations also in Victoria, Vitor provides a wide range of oranges, mandarins and limes that fit nicely into the New Zealand market. They also grow lemons and grapefruit. The Vitor range has been a key ingredient of many successful retail programmes in New Zealand, especially through the winter/spring months of May to October.


For 12 years now, we have been importing US citrus seasonally from what was DJ Forry Co, now part of Fruit Patch Inc located in California’s famed San Joaquin Valley. From January to May, we offer a range of US navels with some mandarin varieties also.

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