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For ten years now, we have run an imported stonefruit programme out of California. This begun with DJ Forry Co, who are now a part of Fruit Patch Inc, a very large, modern packer based at Dinuba in the San Joaquin Valley. The growers supplying Fruit Patch offer a wide range of all stonefruit varieties, through mainly plums, peaches and nectarines (white and yellow flesh), along with some apricots.

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Stonefruit is a valuable asset

Arriving in New Zealand from June to September, this fruit is a valuable asset for produce retailers and consumers. Most fruit is ocean freighted, and it is essential to select the best varietal options to provide a satisfying article for consumers. And that can change from week to week, as the season progresses. Having people on the ground in California who can make the right calls on the best option for the ultimate NZ consumer is critical, and one the Forrys (and now Fruit Patch) have been able to make for us. As with so many things in the produce trade, it is the attention to detail that matters so much.

For some years now, US stonefruit has been very affordable here in New Zealand, and it is anticipated that this will continue. As we all know, a tasty peach or nectarine is a very pleasing experience.

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