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With over 20 years in the industry, Primor has developed a team of specialists who have acquired the expert knowledge and skill necessary to market a range of New Zealand produce both domestically and overseas. Primor is also actively involved in the import and distribution of produce grown overseas and marketed to New Zealand customers.


Primor Produce is a major New Zealand marketer, exporter and supplier of produce to leading supermarket chains and distributors in Australia, North America, Japan and a range of other Asian markets. Learn more about our export business

Import / Domestic

Primor Produce imports a varied range of produce from both North America and Australia and works closely with growers and supermarkets domestically to ensure quality, value and consistency for both businesses. Learn more about our import & domestic markets

Primor were the first to see that the New Zealand avocado industry needed to diversify its markets, which started a groundswell of enthusiasm in New Zealand, as well as in America. ” Jim Donovan - Vice President International Operations, Mission Produce Inc.

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